Suppliers - From the very beginning, it was very important to us that our products were produced under fair working conditions. So, we decided to source our products from the UK. We are so grateful to have such amazing suppliers who are just as committed to creating a safe work environment as I am.


Packaging - The bottle or tub you will receive your product in is 100% recyclable. Its package is also 100% recyclable so once you have opened your product, ensure you properly recycle its packaging. Therefore, by buying Poseidon you are helping to fight back against further environmental damage.


Ingredients - We have shifted away from using ingredients such as Paraben and Magnesium Sulphate in favour of using only natural ingredients in our products to further protect your hair from potential damage.


Vegan Friendly - Our products are created using a vegan formula making them suitable for anyone looking to try them.


Animal Testing - Unlike others, our products are not tested on animals making them 100% cruelty free.