Achieve the 2000s Mid-Length Textured Hairstyle

Achieve the 2000s Mid-Length Textured Hairstyle

Hey there! I hope you're all doing well. I'm Gavin, a Dublin-based barber, and today I'm thrilled to teach you how to achieve that iconic 2000s mid-length textured hairstyle. The best part? You only need two products to get this look, and it's super easy, so anyone can do it. Let's dive right in!

Preparation: Wet Your Hair Before we get started, make sure your hair is damp. I typically use water to wet my hair to the desired level of dampness. By the way, in my last video, I received numerous questions about my hair care routine. I use Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner from Poseidon Hair, and you can find the links in the description below.

Step 1: Sea Salt Spray Our first product in this styling journey is the sea salt spray from Poseidon Hair. Begin by evenly distributing it throughout your hair.

A quick side note: I grew out the sides of my hair to this length from a skin fade over about three to four months, in case anyone was curious.

As you apply the sea salt spray, pay close attention to the scrunching motion with your hands. This step is essential for achieving the desired texture.

Step 2: Drying Now that the sea salt spray is in your hair, it's time to dry it. While you can let your hair air dry, I recommend using a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment for better control. If your hair dryer doesn't come with a diffuser, don't worry; you can find one linked in the description.

As you dry your hair, continue the scrunching motion with your hands, just as we did before. This motion is crucial for maintaining that textured look. Don't worry if you don't get it perfect on your first try – styling hair takes time to master.

Step 3: Adding Control with Grooming Clay For that extra element of control, I like to use grooming clay from Poseidon Hair. Take a small amount on your finger and rub it all over your hands. Unlike previous steps, for this mid-length hairstyle, it's better to distribute the product evenly across your entire hands.

Just like before, scrunch it into your hair to maintain the texture while making sure it's spread evenly over your head.

And there you have it! That's how you achieve this fantastic look. Many people might think that this hairstyle is high maintenance, but it's actually quite easy. I've recorded this video in just eight minutes, and it usually takes even less time when I'm not filming.

To prove that, most mornings, I don't even style my hair. I'll just wet it, tousle it a bit, and head out. If the products are still in my hair, it naturally falls into this textured look.

If you're interested in trying this style at home, all the products I used today are linked above. As always, if you found this tutorial helpful, please leave a like and comment below, suggesting which hairstyle you'd like me to try next. If you want to see more hairstyle tutorials like this one, consider subscribing to the channel.

That's all for today, folks. I hope you have a fantastic day, and I'll catch you in the next video. Happy styling!

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