Titanic Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial 2023

Titanic Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial 2023

Hey everyone, I'm Gavin, a barber from Dublin, and today I'm going to teach you how to style the iconic Leonardo DiCaprio '90s hairstyle from the movie Titanic. This classic hairstyle is making a comeback, especially as we head into winter. Many people are growing out their hair, and this style is definitely worth trying.

To get started, we'll be using two products in today's tutorial. First, I'll wet my hair, usually after taking a shower using Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner from Poseidon Hair. I typically shampoo my hair about once a week. Once my hair is damp, I'll use a comb or a brush to slick it straight back, imagining a focal point at the crown. The goal here is to slick down all your hair, including the sides, which is a standard step and should be pretty straightforward.

Next, it's time to find the parting. In the movie, Leo's parting is around here, and mine naturally falls into a similar position. I'll slick it over to the side, and it naturally falls down there. Then, I'll slick the other side back. In the movie, he has it coming back like this, so we'll make sure that side is slicked back as well.

The first product I'll be using is the Sea Salt Spray from Poseidon Hair. Sea salt spray is an excellent pre-styling product that adds texture and volume to your hair. It makes your hair more manageable throughout the day and smells fantastic. I'll spray it all around my head and then mess up my hair to distribute the sea salt spray evenly. This step is essential to create the messy and wavy look that Leo sports in the movie.

Afterward, you have two options: you can let your hair air dry, or you can use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to speed up the process. I'll scrunch my hair until it's dry, which gives it that added volume.

Now, to make the style hold all day, I'll use the Grooming Clay from Poseidon Hair. This product adds more texture and lift and provides the necessary hold. I'll rub it into my fingers and distribute it all over my hands since this is a longer style. I'll apply it all around my head, using a push motion rather than a scrunching motion to add maximum hold. Don't worry if you mess up the hairstyle during this step; it will come back to its original shape. Make sure to distribute the product evenly to avoid clumping.

An optional final step is to pull down strands of hair and twist them to make them stand out individually. This can give your hairstyle more character. If your hair needs extra hold or volume, you can use Texture Powder. Just tap it in and then scrunch with your hands.

And there you have it, the style is finished. If you want to try this look at home, you can find all the products linked above, including the diffuser. Let me know what you think of this style in the comments. I believe this look will become very popular in the winter, especially with the resurgence of old-money style.

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